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Technical Info

Standard Specifications of DC Solenoid

No. Item Specification
1 Standard Testing Condition Ambient Temperature: 20±2℃, Relative Humidity: 65±5%RH
2 Rated Voltage As per individual specification.
3 Operating Conditions As per individual specification.
4 Pull Force Testing Position Load pull method with plunger in the vertical position.
5 Pull Force As per individual specification.
6 Residual Holding Force As per individual specification.
7 Testing Power Supply DC regulated power supply
8 Insulation Resistance DC500V, 50MΩ or above (normal temperature and humidity), otherwise as per individual specification.
9 Withstand Voltage AC500V or AC1000V, 50/60Hz for 1 min. (normal temperature and humidity), otherwise as per individual specification. 
10 Temperature Rise 65K or below in the continuous rating operation. Materials: Insulation Class A (open frame solenoids).
For the intermittent rating operation, the specification is as per individual specification.
11 Life A solenoid shall operate normally after tested in a specified intermittent operation cycles for a required number of times under a specific voltage, load, and stroke requirements.
12 Model Name/
Lot No. Marking
As per TDS standard.
13 Component Specification
Yoke Electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheets *(some are with haxavalent chromium free zinc plating.)
Yoke Cover Haxavalent chromium free zinc plating.
Plunger Fluoroplastic coating (open frame solenoids), Nickel plating (keep solenoids)
Plunger Stopper Haxavalent chromium free zinc plating or Nickel plating.
*The fracture surface of Yoke with electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheets is not coated for dust-proof, causing rust. But, there is no impact to solenoid operation characteristics. If preferred, yoke with haxavalent chromium free zinc plating is available.

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